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Welcome we are Upluz Education

U PLUS INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SERVICE CENTRE (U+) is a student recruitment Agency offering student placement services. It places students into all sectors of the International education system, including higher education, vocational education and Training, schools and language Centers.

PLUS’s aim is to assist students in all their student needs to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals. By providing them with a completely personalized and professional service, we lead our students towards an outstanding education in leading International educational institutes.

Our aim is to make every part of their International experience memorable and rewarding. At U PLUS, our directors, counselors, advisors and staff follow student-centered ideals by understanding each and every individual’s goals and ambitions, then providing the most efficient and value-added services to match the best institutions to each student’s needs. In this process we hope to make their entire journey comfortable, fun, and secure.

Some Interesting Facts

Assist students in all their student needs to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals The immediate target market consists of Thai students wishing to study abroad, especially the younger and affluent who have set their minds towards International educational resources. Whilst U PLUS mainly caters to the Thai market, it also provides for students from many other countries. Expansion and diversity is now the drive; and with a variety of partnership

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Student Services


Services to Students The main Service provides the opportunity for Educational UPLUS agrees to provide the following services to students and prospective students as required:

  • Education consultation: information and placement in the best and
    most suitable courses with International Education Institutes.
  • Available to assist with any problems the students or their parents may encounter
  • On-going support to students and their parents after an application for study has been submitted
  • On-going support to Confirmation of Enrolment on authority of the institution
  • Assistance with visa processing
  • Pre-departure briefings, Pre-departure preparation service: air ticket booking and planning
  • On-arrival services: airport pick-up, activity programs, & school visits
  • Advice on accommodation
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Our Fantastic Team

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Founder – Director


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General Manager


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Co-manager associated


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Marketing Dept.


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Service Dept.


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VISA Dept.


Services to Educational Institutes

What We Do

UPLUS agrees to provide the following services in the offices selected by clients under the main services option:


  • Display of Institute materials in UPLUS Service Centers
  • General marketing and advertising advice and assistance
  • Inclusion of institution and course information in the online marketing events and promotional

And also Branding and Corporate Identity such as:

  • Responsible for enforcement of Corporate
  • Identity Standards across the board
  • Corporate brochures and pamphlets
  • Posters
  • Exhibition materials
  • Billboards Advertisement
  • Online resources

Corporate Marketing

Upon request, U PLUS may be able to conduct specific market campaigns on your behalf. Our staff can provide you with local market information briefings.

  • Planning, execution and monitoring of Enrolment Campaigns across all media
  • Online marketing & Advertisement campaign
  • Development and placement of advertisements for UPLUS departments/Online media on request, example website, Social Media, Alumni Notices, etc. or
  • Planning and execution of marketing activities in Thailand

Our featured Works

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Inspiration Deals

BIG Save

Inspiration Deals – helps extend our campaigns beyond Study Abroad, also generate leads and close deals

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Social Marketing

Social & Fan

Social Marketing – Connect with over 303K people and grow your business

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Mobile & app

uplustrip application- make it easy for Thai students to find the right place to live and study oversea so they can pursue their dream of studying abroad

Where to Find us

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