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1. How does UPLUS help students?

U PLUS is an international education service agency that specialises in helping students explore, plan, coordinate and support their entire education journey studying abroad. UPLUS as a group has more than 18 years of experience in international education – providing counselling, systematic study abroad planning, placement services tailored to the student’s needs and goals, and supporting them throughout their journey studying abroad. Unlike some big agencies, UPLUS is small enough to focus on each individual student as a person and network wide enough to support the students at their chosen destination. This helps to relieve the anxiety of some parents of the students, knowing they can contact the team at UPLUS for advice and assistance anytime.

2. What are the common documents required for UPLUS to help students apply for their courses?

Documents that are commonly required are the students’ latest full academic transcripts, an official document confirming your residential address, 2x photos and certified copy of your passport. It is advisable that student prepare all these documents in advance to save time.  Depending on the course that the student is interested in, other documents (on top of these) may be required. The consultant at UPLUS will be able to provide further advice.

3. Should students have their IELTS or TOEFL scores prior to applying for the courses overseas?

IELTS or TOEFL scores are required by most colleges and universities in countries like Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Alternatively, students can also choose to enrol into a college/university that has an English language program pathway for international students. However, not all schools offer such Pathway programs

4. Should the student consider popular universities or other type of education institution when applying to study abroad?

This is a matter of choice. But we would suggest students to choose an institution that fits the goal and lifestyle they desire. On top of that, it is also important to look at the facilities the institution has to offer. There are many things to consider when choosing the right college/universities other than just size and popularity. Things like student-staff ratio, quality of the academics, location, cost of the course, cost of living, student safety just to name a few. The team at UPLS will be able to assist student explore their options.

5. What kind of accommodation can the student choose from when studying abroad?

Depending on the location and school, students travelling to study abroad may have the option to choose from homestay, room sharing, and apartment or house sharing. If they have relatives living in that country, they can also choose to live with them. However, some countries will require the student submit a document to confirm the relationship and a letter from the home owner.

6. How does UPLUS differ from other agencies?

UPLUS focuses on each student as an individual, and takes care of them from the beginning when they come to us for consultation. We act as a link and provide support and care both at their home country and abroad. UPLUS is also technology savvy and has a strong network between student and staff.  Our service is personalised, timely and we are up to date with the changing trends. Our aim is to give students peace of mind. On top of that, UPLUS also offers a wide range of activities and promotions throughout the year. Follow us at for the latest promotion, or simply click on our website promotion page.

7. Can UPLUS help student to get a job when studying abroad?

UPLUS is first and foremost an education service agency. We do not provide any employment service. Students who study abroad will hold a student visa. And for most countries, they are not permitted to work. However, students in Australia are allowed to work legally. The team at UPLUS will be able to provide general advice on the type of work that are normally available and the common jobs that students take up while studying.

8. If the student fail to secure a valid student visa, will they be able to get a refund from the course they paid for?

If the student is already enrolled and have paid the tuition fees but are not able to proceed to visa or other unforeseen circumstances, UPLUS will help the student to contact the school to request for a refund. Refund application may take between 30-60 days, depending on the institution and country. The amount of tuition refunded is also dependent on the currency exchange rate that time. Some of institution does not provide full refund. Students can check with the team at UPLUS before applying for peace of mind.

9. Does UPLUS charge any fee?

We do not charge students any fees for our service. We are here to assist you. Students will only need to pay the necessary charges by external parties such as application fee, international transfer fee, visa processing fee, oversea health cover, refund fee, etc.

10. Does UPLUS provide visa processing service?

UPLUS is a full-service international education centre, which includes helping student with their visa application.