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U PLUS International Education Service Center – USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.
Our vision is simple – Helping students to achieve their goal in studying abroad. We believe that everyone is different, and we are committed to work with you to help make your dream studying overseas possible. We provide personalised consultation services and on-going support to students interested to embark on their new education journey.


Our commitment is to help students plan their education abroad and support them every step of the way to achieve their goal – starting from the first step when they come to us for advice, planning and counselling. We assist with their visa application, course enrolment and we provide support and guidance if the student encounter any issues while completing their course.

We believe everyone is different, and we are always here to listen, support and continue to work with each student until they graduate or complete their course.



We take a systematic approach to help student put together a plan to study abroad by first understanding the student’s goal, their current situation, education history/experience and what their characteristic is like.

Studying abroad is an experience that is well worth investing in. It can open up new opportunities, learn and meet people from a different culture. And we are here to help student save time and prepare them on what to expect.

We won’t charge you a cent for exploring your study options and making applications. The fees that the student pay is the same as if they applied directly. However, because of our commitment to help the student the best we can, and our relationship with the colleges and schools we represent, sometimes student can even save more by having their application fee waived or have access to special scholarships and bursaries which is not accessible if they deal directly with the study provider.


UPLUS Service at a glance:

Counselling and support
Give personal advice about your educational options.
Consultation and assistance in choosing an institution that is most suitable.
Consult and assist in the application and follow up the application.
Coordinate with foreign educational institutions on your behalf.
Consultation and assistance with student visas
Cost planning consultancy and tuition payment.
Preparation before departure.
Accommodation assistance
Help with airfare and airport pickup arrangement.
On-going support until completion of study.

When we are here to help make your studying abroad experience as smooth as possible.

Provide guidance:

U Plus will help you choose the right course based on your goals, experience and budget. This includes course features, information of the location you choose and the lifestyle of the chosen destination.

Individualized assessment assistance:

UPLUS will be able to provide guidance and explain the stages for visa application, as well as asses all the student’s documents and qualifications to ensure they meet the requirement for entry to the chosen institution and country.


U Plus will check the documents before submitting the application. The institution will then send a letter of offer to UPLUS, which may either be conditional or unconditional.

The timing to process the application varies, and is dependent on the institution from the date they receive the application.

The following are general guidelines:

  • 1-2 days for learning English
  • 1-14 days for college level
  • 1-2 months for undergraduate and graduate students

Tuition Fees & Deposit:

There are many ways to pay for tuition. Depending on the conditions of offer, students are able to pay for the whole semester or in full if they received unconditional offer, or they may be required to pay partially if they receive a conditional offer. Tuition fees will need to be paid (either partially or full) together with payment for Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) before the institution can issue a letter of confirmation.

The letter of confirmation is compulsory for the student visa application, so it is important that this process is managed well and all the steps are complete. The team at UPLUS will be able to guide the students through each step.

Visa Application:

If the student choose to, UPLUS is able to help student with the whole visa application process. We will do all the necessary follow up with the embassy or consulate and advise the student of the status of their application.

Health Checkup:

U PLUS will be able to advise and point the student in the right direction for health checks if needed for certain visa.

Travel / accommodation:

Once the student’s visa is approved, the team at UPLUS will be able to advise or assist the student with their flight bookings, accommodation and airport pickup.

+Students are inspired by their goals and dreams, and UPLUS is here to work with them to help them achieve it


+Students are the ones who need to take care closely. Uplus must take care of them all the time.

+Each student is different and has different needs.
Uplus treats each student as an individual and is here to support them in their journey

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