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PLUS’s aim is to assist students in all their student needs to achieve their educational, social, and personal goals. By providing them with a completely personalized and professional service, we lead our students towards an outstanding education in leading International educational institutes.

To make every part of their International experience memorable and rewarding. At U PLUS, our directors, counselors, advisors and staff follow student-centered ideals by understanding each and every individual’s goals and ambitions, then providing the most efficient and value-added services to match the best institutions to each student’s needs. In this process we hope to make their entire journey comfortable, fun, and secure.




U Plus is committed to providing a good experience to benefit the education and daily life of students that engaged our service.
U Plus believes in continuous improvement and is always working to ensure the quality of the education institution that we represent.
U Plus believe that the team is the foundation of the company, and we strive to create a caring and open working culture.
  • + To meet the needs of our customers and provide care to the parents of our students, ensuring a peace of mind at every step of the journey.

    • Full range of international study services is available for students who plan to study, apply for a visa, book airfare and accommodation.
    • Equipped with all the necessary tools to meet the needs of users.
    • Professional staffs are available to provide advice in order to meet the needs of every client.
  • + Increase the potential of the organization.

    Commitment to quality and constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers.

  • + Reduce the cost of education.

    We believe education should be affordable. With great care and research we can reduce the cost when studying abroad. Where possible, we seek to add value to our customers and we are constantly on a lookout for special promotions. We are in the business to support you.

  • + Offer customers exactly what they want

    We provides guidance and education services that are consistent and tailored to your specific needs.

  • + Transparent, sincere and professional

    There is nothing to hide when it comes to our service, no hidden fees or charges – just great people. We believe what goes around, comes around. So we work tirelessly to ensure all our team member shares the same principle.

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